Dad's photo

Remembering my Dad on Father’s Day…..

Looking over the sea of faces I am overwhelmed by the love and support for my father and our family. Everyone here has in some way had a relationship with our Dad. It is impossible to understand the ways in which he touched your lives. I am going to share with you how he touched…

spooning frogs


It has become one of my favorite parts of my morning ritual. Sitting on the stoop feeding the fish. I am now so trusted by my run of Koi that they nibble occasionally on my finger as they eat their breakfast. Imagine my supreme surprise when I noticed a robust frog just beneath the lily…

JP taking shot-5

What is it about this chair?

The one second from the right and towards the window. Is it the light that pours in all afternoon? Or is it the protection of the back and sides? Or perhaps because the chair goes so nicely with her chocolate biscuit coloring? For whatever reason, this is her chair. I realized this weekend that the…

Dandelion 2

Wishing on Dandelions

On the banks of the creek behind our home sat a dandelion alone in the sun. Perfectly round and inviting. It was the first dandelion of spring and sat there begging for a wish. Dandelion, puffs away, Make my wish come true some day. But wish I did not. Instead, I left it there for…


Just remember there is someone out there that is more than happy with less than what you have.