It is aptly named Alex’s China for my niece, who will one day inherit it. In actuality it was my great grandmother’s china and resides today in the corner cupboard of my parents dining room. I took this photo during a visit with my mother as she began her cycle of chemotherapies for breast cancer. My connection to photography was born of a desire to capture moments during a trip to Paris to celebrate her 75th birthday nearly two years ago. So much has changed in the years since we embarked and in many ways it has been the best of times and the worst of times. And through it all I am constantly reminded of what goes around does in fact come around. My grandmother was a young mother herself when she took on the role of caregiver for my great grandmother after her first mastectomy. My mother was a college coed when my grandmother had her second. It is my hope that it is only the china we pass to Alex.

One never really knows how the past affects the future. Or the lessons that can be learned by another’s journey. This is mine and it is meant for Joseph and Alex. It is my hope this is a way for them to know me years after I no longer am here to tell them how very much I love them. That they have brought me laughter and joy and love..

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