Laguna Beach, Villa Rockledge

A hidden gem in the town of Laguna Beach is Villa Rockledge.  A meandering cliff side home designed by Arther Benton and built by Frank Miller in 1918.  Mr. Miller was instrumental in the Mission Inn in Riverside California and was considered an expert on Mission architecture.  It was a real treat to be invited to see this special place that is a throwback to a bygone era.  It is considered a treasure and was added to the National Registry of Historic places in 1984.

Wandering the grounds I met the previous owner who only recently sold it.  His passion for the home has endured since 1973.  His name is Roger W. Jones and wrote the book “California from the conquistadores to the legends of Laguna”.  I think I may have bought the very last copy from Amazon.  It sounds like a fascinating read and since I live in Laguna, why not?  Mr. Jones was full of details of the house, which he clearly loves, and full of stories from the house and from acquaintances through the years.  Currently he is working on a film about one of the first great stuntmen who roomed with Clark Gable.  These are the times when I wish a pen was handy.

It is funny how things connect.  We were there with new friends who invested in the home, and today at lunch an old friend was on her way to that very house for a party.  Life is truly 6 degrees of separation – maybe even 3.  This week will feature a few shots taken in the brief time I got to spend there.  Enjoy.

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