Project Mimi – living willing to try new things with friends and family

The best photo ever taken!  And I am convinced, the reason why I have been studying for nearly two years.It started with a simple question “we going out?”… and before you knew it we had the memory of a lifetime.  Seriously – I will never EVER forget it.My mom simply said “Mama, I’m going to have a cosmo and I think you would like it….”And the rest is history.

Most importantly – it inspired me to search for adventure and be more present in my life.  I love my Mimi.  And despite time and distance, she is an inspiration to me.

I love this photo for how it jumpstarted me, and gave me a mission to live life bigger and to live it surrounded by people I love.

You are never to old for an adventure, or for a new cocktail.  Here’s to you Mildred!  visit…

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