Singapore color

gardens by the Bay 1 Pink bud

Steve and I share a many passions.  Photography is one of them.  Food is another –  but that is a post for a later time.  We also share a mirror blog project – PJ Charles colors and Steve Wong Colors.  Each month we feature daily photos around a color theme… January was white.  February Red.  March Orange.  While together we were choosing April’s colors and we deferred to my niece to choose .  Steve’s son Nathaniel had chosen the March theme.  Coincidentally, Steve and Alex (my niece) share the same birthday.  And so Alex chose Pink.  Neither of us have many “pink themed photos” in our portfolios so we became very focused on the color as we spent the weekend together.  I love the richness of the pinks and greens in these photos.  Look for them in April at PJ Charles colors where they will – in the spirit of sustainability and our day at the garden – be “recycled”……

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