Seoul Korea: The Market

The market

Its our second visit to the market.  More than two years ago, early in my photographic journey, Steve and I walked the market.  This year, we hoped to recapture some of those early moments.  It was something John Minihan had said… He loves to go back to earlier subjects and places to shoot them years later.  It was a beautiful, albeit brisk morning, as we made our way into the center of the market.  Lo and behold not much had changed.  The colors as brilliant and the food as interesting.  But it’s the people who draw you in.  Two years ago, Steve had shot an elderly shop owner and to his pleasant surprise, she was still there.  Two years ago she yelled at Steve, thinking the photograph would steal her soul.  And on this chilly morning she yelled again as he tried to capture a shot of her.  It is the thread that connects the visits.

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