Going Somewhere

It seems these days I am always coming or going. In the last 45 days I have been to Los Angeles twice, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Shanghai and in the next 45 days I will visit New York, London, Basel, and Skagen. All this “going places” makes luggage a necessity.

Many years ago I co-opted a line from the movie Steel Magnolias. Olympia Dukakis delivers the line to Shirley Mc Laine; “Wheezer, you know I love you more than my luggage.” What a lovely sentiment – to love something more than your luggage. To me, that means that you care for someone more than that which has faithfully served you throughout all your journeys.

The shot is from a vintage shop not far from our home in Texas. As I stood taking the shots, I couldn’t help but imagine all the journeys and stories associated with each one. Tessa commented that one would make a great accessory in her new apartment and that sparked thoughts of purpose and repurpose. How wonderful to have served in one form and be later transformed to serve again.

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