It is a work of art.

After my afternoon with John Minihan and after a thought-provoking discussion with my mentor Peter Poulides of the Spot Studio I was motivated to put my skills to the test and learn more about shooting with film. What better way than to start with a classic piece of equipment.

I cannot thank Peter enough for his tireless efforts in finding me a gem. It is in mint condition. And for so generously including a light meter and enough rolls of film for me to get started.

I have found with digital photography that I love the immediacy of the feedback. To check my photos as soon as they are taken. And to decide, in that moment, to re-shoot the photo if I am not happy with the result. Shooting with the Rollie is much more purposeful with a very different perspective and viewpoint than any of my other cameras. And it is totally manual… no selecting Aperture or Shutter priority.

So, not only is the Rollie testing my comprehension and ability to compose and shoot, it is also testing my patience. This week I plan to develop those first few rolls and fully expect it to be like Christmas morning…. not quite knowing what is beneath the wrapping. Those that know me would add, a little patience would be a good thing.

I will update you on my progress…..


    • Glad you agree. Even Peter held it with a bit more respect than most other cameras. And I love how present I am with each shot. Truly a special piece and love that you share in that. Thank you.

    • I am learning to love it… which isn’t too hard. Love your site…. I am following you now so I can learn some more. Thanks for checking me out!

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