New York Fashion and Style

I love people watching, particularly in cities recognized as Fashion capitals. Early in my career I was intimidated by people who appeared effortlessly chic. I felt clumsy and awkward sometimes too bright for the city. On this day the tables reversed when suddenly a young woman stopped to ask me if she could snap my photo. She was writing a story for New York magazine on accessories. She was intrigued by my shoes and the way I wore my bags – two of them – one with my camera and equipment and the other with my worldly possessions. Coyly she asked if the shoes were vintage……. I chuckled as I remembered purchasing them from Prada years ago. At the time that they were an extravagance I could not afford. There is a lesson for another time on buying well and taking care. And so, after sharing my details I turned to walk away only to find this striking young woman hailing a cab. The green of her bag caught my eye (as all green things do – it is my favorite color after all). And I remembered those days when I felt awkward and clumsy as I examined her effortless chic and smiled at the years that had passed.

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