Vacation Days are Lazy Days

I am sitting on another plane. Since the beginning of 2013 I have flown 55000 miles. I am tired. Suddenly and without warning I started fantasizing about vacations. I think I am the very best version of me on vacation. I am equal parts deeply richly in the moment and deeply richly languorous. I love just laying in bed after the sunrise, going out for steaming bowls of coffee and early wine soaked lunches that last all day. I think I am really funny on vacations. My mind free to associate, I make silly stupid gaffes that make me giggle. I connect with my inner child – the one I really miss. I like how smart I am on vacation. I read the paper in the morning and have meaningful discussions about current events. I look younger on vacation. The deep sleepless bags beneath my eyes disappear. I am fitter on vacation. I will hike, walk, bike, All in all, the best version of me – the one I wish would show up on all the other days in between…..

This got me thinking about some of my best vacations…….. and so I visited the archives…..

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