Vacation or Staycation

vacation 12

Staycation sprung out of the economic necessity of the last few years. and is defined as time away from work spent at home. There is something really luxurious about staying in your own home, especially if you travel a lot for work. For an effective Staycation, one has to change one’s approach.. I find you have to understand your objective. If clearing your mind and renewing your soul are the order of the day, then the Staycation should include a bit of pampering and a conscious choice to step outside of your daily routine. There are Staycations where the aim is to do something. Recently a friend spent a week redesigning and working on his new home. I am confident he will not return to the office more rested or relaxed, but released from his mission. There have been times for me where the outcome of a task oriented Staycation resulted in an uncluttered mind and a fresh perspective. A really good weekend can accomplish that as well….

In fantasizing about a vacation or Staycation I really need only one thing…… CF. I look forward to our days at the end of May, in our home, together, task free…….

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