Lake Tahoe Vacation

It was an annual pilgrimage. Each Fourth of July we would travel to Ta-ho-ho for cheer and great company. Years ago close friends of ours bought the most darling cabin and it became the fulcrum to a week filled with activities old skool style. Scavenger hunts, horseshoes and monopoly only a few examples of the long California days. There is magic where the blue sky meets the green pine trees and the crystal lake. And there is no better smell in the world than the pine and sap earthy fragrance that surrounds this idyllic lake. Days were spent biking and hiking and enjoying the company of good friends that were as good as family to us. Come the fourth, dogs and people would cram themselves into the Suburban to head to the lake to watch the fireworks. The night sky would illuminate with bright bursts of fire reflecting in the calm clear waters of the lake. If it were today, I would have camera on tripod ready to snap the memory. At that time my passion for photography had not yet been ignited and so the memory lives in my head. They were special times and each time I head back to Tahoe I think of living there. I love the mountains, CF the sea and the days and years of separation make the thought of it in later years untenable. It will however be a part of the years to come and any time spent in Tahoe is a vacation in its truest sense.


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