London: Great Queen Street

One of the many pleasures in my career was working with a talented, daring, quixotic and adorable designer who, for the purposes of this, we will refer to as La. Over the years we had many laughs and London conjures memories of late evenings, great shopping and long visits. It was during one of those visits that La and her adorable husband introduced me to Great Queen Street. I remember the evening vividly and recall nearly every part of our conversation – part humor, part catching-up and part heartache. It was an evening centered on friendship – pure and simple.

And so it was on this night as I walked around I decided to test my luck and see if there was any availability. My hopes were not high. I remembered the last time I had eaten there it was chocked full of hungry patrons enjoying themselves. But, on this night, fortune smiled and there was a seat at the bar. Settling in, I was brought a delicious lager that began a delightful evening of food and drink and banter with, I must say, a very cute and personable barkeeper. The evening began with his recommendation of radishes with pesto butter and sea salt. I followed that with a sumptuous goat and white bean stew served with carafe of hearty red wine. Ending the evening I selected a delicious rice pudding brûlée. Excessive in retrospect but divinely delicious and a perfect way to spend a lonely Saturday night. I felt enveloped in the ambience and friendliness of the place and all the people in it.

Since returning I have scoured the reviews and have included a yelp link. Try it for yourself. If you are like me you will find charming attentive servers, a warm inviting atmosphere, delicious hearty fare and a memorable experience.


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