Skagen Denmark Seas

Located at the tip of Northernmost Denmark is the lovely Skagen.  In Skagen, Grenen is the point  where the North Sea and the Straits of Denmark meet and where literally the sands of time have shaped the life and character of the people living there.  There is a turbulence  there, where the seas meet, where one cannot help but respect the power of the ocean. History proves this to be true.  The area has seen more than its share of shipwrecks and beachings and along its coastline remain the remnants of a World War.  Lighthouses are important landmarks.

The town, with a local population under 10000, is peppered with lovely cottages painted a distinctive yellow with red tile roofs.  The light enhanced by the sea air and reflected from the sand and dunes inspired a plein air school of painters known as the Skagen Painters and their work is well displayed at the Skagen museum.  I was more inspired by the beauty of Michael and Anna Ancher’s home which stands locked in time as it was during their life.  It is an incredible opportunity to see the lives of two artists living during an exciting revolution in painting inspired by the development of paint in tubes.

There was much from this trip that reminded me of my beloved Laguna… There is a similarity in the light and sky which also inspired a plein air school of painting. Like Skagen, Laguna prides itself on being an artist’s community.  For a time, the quaint beachside cottages were all you would find.  Today, however, the quaintness and solitude of the community has given over to tourists and visitors.  More people know Laguna for television programs that don’t come close to reflecting the Laguna I know and love.  Skagen seems untouched by the consumerism and commercialism of this century.  It is a uniquely soulful and beautiful place.


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