Texas Hill Country

There is magic in the hill country of Texas…. a magic for which I was unprepared. Located between the divine weirdness of Austin and the down home spirit of San Antonio, this central Texas region boasts the best of southern hospitality, regional cuisine, cultural diversity, and a loyal local community that champions the regions attributes. It is a unique fusion of Spanish, Texas and German as shown in everything from local cuisine to architecture. One doesn’t expect to find the German twist, but there it is – from food, to music, to beer – perhaps best represented in the time locked town of Fredricksburg. Surprising to me was the quality and character of the wines emerging from this area – no doubt the bias of a California resident. Over 5 million people visit this oasis in the state each year to enjoy the over 35 wineries peppered throughout the region. Notable to us was Becker Vineyards located between Fredricksburg and Johnson City. The wines were delicious – which I can state with confidence as I believe we tasted all of them. They were only surpassed by the beauty of the area and the wonderful hospitality of our hosts.

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