Texas Longhorns: A Day at the Office

Tip #1…. Do your research. Our friend John studies and studies before an auction and attends with a very clear point of view on which cattle are good buys and which are not. It was fascinating to learn from him.

Tip #2…. Buy quality as it is the seed to your herd and the key to your future success.

Tip #3…. Have patience. It takes time to build a herd you can be proud of.

(Tips source Flying A Ranch)

A few years ago, my friend Annie got so caught up in the moment that before she knew it she had some cattle of her own. Pretty funny for an expat but I can certainly see how it could happen. You get so enthralled by the culture of the event – it was like nothing I had ever seen – and in the simple power and beauty of a Longhorn.

I found myself really interested and so I have been doing a bit more research on Longhorns and breeding. Fear not, there is no ranch in my future. That said, the whole experience was so engaging that I plan a return visit. This reference piece is a bit dated (from 2006) but I am sure the “Frequently asked Questions and Answers” haven’t changed too much. If you too are a bit hungry for some more info, read on. It was a spectacularly fun evening that culminated with great food and a bit of dancing under the Texas stars to the music of Bobby Flores and the Yellow Rose Band.

Frequently asked questions

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