Texas Hill Country Barbecue

And before long it was time for the Barbecue…. Not just any BBQ. This one was such a unique blend of robust Texas personality, a dash of jalapeno hot, big gulps of wonderful wine, large laughter and supersized Happy. It was so much fun. Nothing but Cowboys and Kids kicking back.

Mid way through, our hosts, John and Suzie, raised their glasses to toast good friends, good food and good cheer. I found myself reflecting over the few days we had been together. In short order the common bonds of food and friendship made me appreciate how fortunate I have been to meet Annie. We joke about FOA – but it is true, once a friend of Annie’s you are one for life. And all of her circle of friends share golden threads that bind them together. It was that way with John and Suzie, Simon, and now Paul.

It’s hard to explain the personality of a place as it shines through its ambassadors. Annie and John love all things Texas. And when you are in their company its infectious. The weekend was about as authentic and real as one can get – a total lack of artifice and superficiality. It seemed cloaked in simplicity – folks gathering with common interests to share a special time.

There are some people just born to make others feel good. As I looked around the pavilion there wasn’t a person without a big smile or laughing. How wonderful to be able to connect people in that way.

As we were saying our goodbyes the next morning, John said to me “once a friend, always a friend”…. I sure hope so!

And to my two new friends John and Suzie a BIG TEXAS Thank you….. It was fantastic!

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