Texas Hill Country Grilling

It was only after having devoured a sizable helping of BBQ that I realized I was sitting in the path of the smoke from the grill. It made me giggle. Years ago a good friend of mine suggested that the best part of eating BBQ was smelling like it the rest of the day. It may be true. Fully satiated, I thought of how terrific the meal had been and the aromas lingering with me. It was truly a production and as the day wound down I watched as they began dismantling the grills and smokers used to create all the days food. It was an impressive undertaking and they worked at dismantling under the watchful eye of Chloe, the dog, until well after we had returned to John and Suzies. I made a point to thank them – hindsight being 20/20, I am not sure I did an adequate job for all that was entailed.

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