Rebecca Rather: The Pink Pig

A trip to Fredricksburg isn’t complete without a stop at The Pink Pig – a darling establishment owned by the equally darling Rebecca Rather. Having a penchant for all things sweet,the prospect of meeting the renowned “Pastry Queen” was exciting – particularly since Annie mentioned how special she is.

I was not disappointed and would gladly share photos of the food we devoured save for the fact that we devoured it! The minute the sticky buns hit the table they vanished – as did the cheddar bacon scones – and that happened before we even ordered. Enjoy my photos here, but if you would like more read the very thorough report on a recent visit from the Livin’ Sassy Blog and admire the lovely lifestyle Rebecca has carved for herself in the A Sweet Life: Country Living magazine.

It was the last time we were all together before heading our separate ways and I must say it was the perfect way to end a really lovely weekend.

I cannot thank enough all the folks who hosted us, and whom we met during our few days. It was a terrific entrée into the Texas Hill Country – one that will be long remembered and one that will certainly inspire future visits.

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