Durham, New Hampshire: Three Chimneys Inn

Recently I returned to New England – to Durham, New Hampshire. We gathered to celebrate the life of my grandmother – Mimi, whom I have tried to honor through the blog Project Mimi. It has been years – decades actually, since I have been in Durham. I believe the last time I can remember is when I was looking at colleges and considering my parents alma mater, The University of New Hampshire.

And so it was, that we found ourselves at the Three Chimneys Inn. It is the oldest house in Durham dating back to 1649 and is on the National Historic Register. The house has a long and sordid history including a ghost named Hannah who is mischievous and has made her presence known to guests of the Inn. Thankfully Hannah was at peace – as I believe my grandmother is.

It was so great to see the family and to spend time together and I loved having my nephew almost to myself for the weekend. He is growing up so quickly and it was fun to just hang in his company for a couple of days…..

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