Hampton Cleaners

Hampton Cleaners

For me, it was Pearson’s Pharmacy and apparently in Durham, it is Hampton’s cleaners. I love this shot. I love all the “stuff” in the window… a fan, a data stick, Frisbee, wiffle ball, sharpees and Bic pens, rope, combination lock, guitar strings, blistex, a calculator, a fan and finally – vinyl spackling…. AT THE CLEANERS.

My parents love to tell the stories of reading the monthly invoices from Pearson’s pharmacy around the corner from the college I attended. I had an account for “emergencies”… emergency beer is more like it.

When I saw this I just had to stop and giggle. Not the most artistic of photographs, but certainly one that conjures all that is the college experience.

This post is for you – Mom and Dad…. Thanks for the memories!

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