Laguna Beach: June Gloom



lifeguard stand

A period when the air and sea temperatures produce a pall that hangs over the village lasting from late May until early July. The skies are gray and the mornings misty with peaks of sun late in the day – if at all. A normally bustling spot, the Lifeguard tower sits lonely seemingly waiting for throngs of beach goers. Noises are muffled by the heaviness of the air and a quiet descends that contrasts richly with the months of July and August.


  1. It must be nice to have a moment of silence before all the guests arrive. I like the beach best in the winter and I think this must be similar in feel.

    • It is. My favorite time of year is September. It is like the gloaming. That perfect moment just before the sun dips under the horizon. Quiet and Still. June mornings are like that.

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