We sat at lunch reminiscing about old friends.  I shot this photo in our garage in California weeks ago and since then the memories of Daniel have washed over me.  Years ago…. back when we lived in Columbus, we became close friends with a quirky man who lived above us.  He was as handsome and worldly as they come … always walked on his toes and befriended us as the Mertzes to his Ricky Ricardo.   One Christmas he gave us a photo of the water Faucet at the World Trade Center.  I remember his surprise that something so grand would have a faucet suitable for the most ordinary garden hose.  Today that photo sits propped on the bookshelf in the library in our California house.  I don’t think I connected with the idea of that shot when I took this one, but have, since taking it, thought of him often.  And then today, CF mentioned him.

It’s funny how he comes now in waves of memory.  For a period I will viscerally connect with the idea of him – and as quickly he will be gone.  I have another friend named Daniel and while still of body, he does the same.

I am lucky to have had them both in my life – but to me Daniels are fleeting and deeply missable.


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