Farmer’s market

One of my greatest challenges is asking people if I can take their photo. It feels intrusive to me. I have been assured that most folks will say yes, although my apprehension is likely colored by my own objections. My first inclination is to say no. which may be one of the reasons Selfies have become such a phenomenon. I can only remember saying yes once – in NY – and it was a style blog and it included a bit of show boating for Little A. In the final analysis they chose the photo of CF which delights me even now. How ironic and so totally CF. I giggle just thinking about it. During our trip to the Farmer’s market I asked two folks if I could take their photo and they both said yes. It made me a bit more confident.

The wide angle shot here intrigued me as he stood between flowers for market and those past their prime. There was still a fading beauty in those that had seen finer days.

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