Morning at the Farmers Market

Around his neck hung the pendant. A horn of sorts. He seemed too young to be left on his own among the stalls this Saturday morning, and too good at approaching strangers. Our conversation was not about the flowers that surrounded him but about the pendant and the splendid Saturday morning. I asked if I could take his photo and he demurred with a nod.
This photo, to me, reflects knowledge beyond one’s years.

Texas Peaches sat there behind the apples and oranges separated from the bustle of those shopping. His gaze unwavering from the cash drawer in front of him. He was equally oblivious to the patrons as he was to my shutter.

Crouching in the cross walk I waited for the shot that would capture the spirit, pace and diversity of the market. The colors and vegetables bright and shiny and waiting as people, equally bright and shiny, filed by.

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