Alaska: Denali to Anchorage by Train

Faster than either of us could believe, our time in Denali was finished and we were on the Alaska Railroad heading to Anchorage. It is a great experience – despite the pace and duration. The car in which we traveled had two levels and was exposed to the outside through a domed glass ceiling. As well, there was an outside observatory to catch shots as we zoomed through the wild. Downstairs was a dining room where there was a pretty terrific lunch.

I love the boldness of the blue and yellow against the green backdrops. It is amazing as nature passes by your window to see the many changes in topography along the journey.

What I found particularly great was a program where students study and apply for summer jobs sharing Alaska history with the guests of the railroad. In order to be considered you had to first complete a 6-8 week course of study.These kids were proud Alaskans and proud of their railroad that has run since July 1923.

One really understands the vastness of the landscape and the importance rail and dogs have made in the history of this state.


  1. Beautiful photos! I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska, but often I hear stories of trips by cruise. Thank you for offering another perspective!

    • Keep watching this space. We also took a cruise – a first for me. The whole experience – whether plane, train or auto – was amazing.

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