Alaska: Fourth of July – Anchorage to Seward

After another evening and morning in Anchorage we embarked for Seward, the point from which our cruise would leave. After two days by train we had covered nearly 400 miles of diverse Alaska wilderness. The ride from Anchorage to Seward differed greatly from the Denali to Anchorage. It runs along the coastline. CF and I have long been fans of the California coastline and someday, we will have to make this trip together. Weather for our visit was not pretty but it didn’t dampen our spirits in the least. It was the fourth of July which made the photo of the train sporting US colors that much more significant.

Seward is the hot spot on July 4th with a memorable mountain marathon event. Nearly 30000 people descend on this coastal city for the event – all of which we missed as our train moved into the station and we immediately boarded the ship. Boarding the ship is an experience I will never forget. Greeted with champagne by the crew, after some negotiations, we made our way to the rooms to begin our next adventure.

I had never traveled on a cruise and was apprehensive. In the final analysis the experience was one of the best of my life, not just for the sheer beauty of Alaska, but for the dedicated time I got to spend with my Dad. I believe there are parts of the world best seen by ship and this fall I will take a River Barge Cruise through France. Not sure you can say I am a cruise aficionado¬†but I have come to believe there are parts of the world best seen from the water and am considering the Baltic sea as an adventure. I would love to hear of other great experiences……


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