Alaska: Sitka Marinas

Ports play an important part in the history of Alaska. Being there made me think about transportation. The history of Alaska founded on shipping, dogs, and air travel. A plane, considered a luxury in most parts of the world, is nearly a necessity. Later in the trip when we arrived in the small town of Skagway I realized that until 1970 the only way to reach the town was by plane, sea or rail – or of course dog. Roads are the last consideration it seems… But those are stories for another time.Sitka has an interesting history cocktail that mixes the Tlingit People, Russians and the United States. For the first time on our trip my Dad and I split and went on different “excursions”. I went on a photography outing and he went on a “Raptor” outing. It was fun meeting up and comparing stories. I think my expectations for the photography outing were greater than the reality but looking back, I got some beautiful photos. His outing was perfect and he actually got to see some of the Sitka sites I had wanted to see but didn’t. There are no photos from him. It was funny, he said that traveling with me he didn’t feel as though he needed to take a photo and on Friday I sent him 500 pictures old skool style. But I miss seeing what he saw – experiencing what he experienced. But, and this is a big but, I experienced so much with him, that the little bit I didn’t is an ok mystery.

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