Alaska: Sitka Forest

Sitka only gets about 5 days a year where the weather is about 70 degrees. It averages mid 50s to low 60’s during the height of the summer. As our first “out and about” we quickly confirmed what everyone had told us – layers! And neither myself nor my Dad went anywhere without our Down Sweaters (Bless those lovely people at Patagonia. It is the consummate jacket – really warm and very light weight and doubles as the perfect pillow on long bus and train rides). What we didn’t think about was the damp and wet. Sitka gets about 88 inches of rain and about 33 inches of snowfall per year. While those traveling the weeks before us experienced unusually high temperatures and clear days, we experienced what a native would expect…. overcast skies and occasional rainstorms.

Many that know me (and JS, if you are reading this you know it to be true) know Green to be my favorite color. At work, I recuse myself from any conversation about green. Frequently during our trip my Dad and I would converse about the spectrum of green that was laid before us. Upon entering the forest there was a lushness that wrapped me like a wet cloth and at every turn there was growth sprouting up from the forest floor.

I am a particular fan of the photo with the bridge. It beckons to enter the woods for more adventure and I would have save two reasons. One, time was limited and the group antsy and unwilling and two, the salmonberries were at their peak which means, so were the bears. I know well enough that I would not have been the slowest runner in our group, but why tempt fate.


  1. The bridge is what caught my eye. The photos are very beautiful. I am impressed that your father was able to keep up during this trip. I would have had to of carried a cot with me for naps!

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