Alaska: Skagway

Suddenly and without warning this Metropolitan zoomed around the corner and I was dumbstruck. I wouldn’t have expected to see one in this tiny town of 850 citizens. The horse and buggy seemed more appropriate. But that was one of the joys of Skagway – being surprised. Originally our plans had included a trip on the narrow gauge railway up and through the mountains and comes very highly recommended. Instead, we took a trolley ride. Skagway was the entrance to the Yukon territories and the bustling town it once was remains, as it greets up to 5 cruise ships. It is known to have a great and mighty wind. During the winter, as I said, only 850 people live in the town – with one road out. If someone falls ill, they are transported via plane to a neighboring town. During the summer months, aside from the cruise ships, 1200 seasonal hires join the ranks to staff the shops and entertainment venues. That is how our tour guide came to find herself in these wilds – only to fall in love with the town, and one person in particular. It was a charming visit and the one I felt was most representative of how it must have been.

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