Happy Birthday

I will always remember how special birthdays were in our house. Today I pretend to be beyond celebrations – too mature to be silly – but truth be told, I do kinda like it when CF makes the effort to think of something unique. It is much harder to do as we have been blessed by so much and so many happy memories. Once he bought me a 10 lb carrot cake that was at once beautiful and delicious (and no, I didn’t eat the entire cake) In the early days I was strictly chocolate cake with my Mom’s fudge icing… I suppose times and tastes change. Only now, do I wonder what Mom’s favorite birthday cake is? Funny, but Mom’s get the short end of the birthday celebration. I think my Mom made her own cake each year. That seems a bit unfair. Furthermore I think twice a year she was punished with breakfast in bed – her birthday and Mother’s Day. Both would result in a supreme mess that she would have to clean up. Again, hardly worth it. Never the less, they were celebrations involving presents, singing and candles.

So, on this, my Mom’s birthday, with a song in my heart, I wish you Happy Birthday.

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