Saturday Afternoon Dance Party

Lorraine Bellman was my GB. I lived just up the hill from her. She had older brothers and sisters and could wear tights before I could. Her family was a different religion than mine and I thought she got to do the coolest things. When I turned Little a.’s age we moved away and that was that.

My Brother and his wife made a conscious decision to move closer to family. He wanted for his kids to have family nearby. We didn’t experience that as children although we always knew we were loved. Through our high school years we made great friends – Karen Hetrick was mine. There were sleepovers and cake for breakfast and long conversations about boys. I haven’t seen her in more years than I care to count although my Mom sees her from time to time. My touchstone is my bestie from college; Julia or my PD. Whenever I see them I am reduced to hysterics and fits of laughter. Rarely does the conversation ever turn to the mundane. We exchange ideas and thoughts and share in the challenges of living as adults.

Why all this nostalgia? Because I hope that Little a. and GB can traverse the challenges of growing up and remain as close as they were during this moment in time. I hope she finds in GB her Julia; her PD. And if she doesn’t that she keeps looking. I have been blessed to have great friendships in my life – and in the two that resonate the most – there has been the simplest of reasons. I am most myself in my friendship with them. Everyone needs that.


  1. This one brought a tear to my eyes. Beautiful moments in time captured and words that conjure emotions of so much joy. Couldn’t help but send a link to my GB šŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much and CONGRATULATIONS. Recognition is so important and it is fantastic that your work is being applauded. Proud and happy for you and looking forward to what comes next!

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