Zellie’s day

Thank you to everyone for being so kind and sympathetic to our recent loss.

Today marks Zellie’s first day back in Dallas after nearly a year. She hasn’t been in this house without Lola and Sophie so my thoughts are with her as she adjusts to familiar surroundings and unfamiliar circumstances. This is her time. It is funny to experience what she has learned from them – bits of Lola and bits of Sophie. I am thrilled to have these weeks with her and to focus all my attention on her. She too hurts; you see it in the way she approaches us and the time she spends in our company. What warm comfort she will bring in her unique way.


    • She is. Funny, but the minute she came through the front door of the house, she ran to her favorite spot. They say that Cats don’t have a memory like that but she certainly defied that logic yesterday. It’s nice to have her underfoot again and an occasional rub against my leg. Your gravatar image is equally beautiful. Is it a ragdoll?

      • I disagree. Cats do have that memory. At least some of them anyway. Enjoy her company. 🙂 My gravatar is Kira. She is a domestic long hair who turned 17 in March.

      • Kira is beautiful and no doubt a treasure. They are such great companions. You are right about memory – she has adopted all of Lola and Sophie’s tricks and kept her own. It’s really touching.

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