The First to Fall


The other day I was waiting for lunch and looked down at the counter. There, to my recollection, appeared the first fallen leaf of the year. It was small and perfect and in quiet anticipation of what is to come. I remember this time of year so distinctly – a new school year etched change upon my mind. And thusly September has always made me consider change. Perhaps it is so because my birthday falls at the beginning of the month.

Change is good. I would consider for days the outfit I would wear for the first day of the new school year. It was as though that set the course for how the rest of it would flow. I still subscribe to old seasonal tenets – like no white shoes after Labor Day. Despite the heat September can bring, it is time to put away summer greens and adopt fall greens – citrus turns to Loden. I long to wear sweaters and boots and will – in spite of the temperature.

It’s funny, I know intellectually that Fall doesn’t REALLY start until the end of the month. No matter. To me, it begins just as the 8 rolls over to 9.

Happy Fall.


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