Gone Fishing

It was funny – but only in hindsight. I visited a shop in London that sells beautiful vintage cases, travel treasures; objets from another time. While snooping around I saw this hand crafted antique fishing journal and immediately thought of my friend Julia. She loves fly fishing and years ago learned to tie her own flies. Years ago she took the time to tie all her favorite flies and give it to CF. He treasures them and keeps them in our house in California – where he likes to keep himself as well (little giggle). Anyway, when i saw this journal I thought it was perfect for her. I also thought how nice it would be to buy a little something from this incredible tiny shop and from the very lovely shopkeeper. My eyes bleary from travel were not quite focused on the price tag. I have to confess to a tiny gasp escaping as I signed the credit card slip and finally connected to the price. It still is the perfect thing for Julia and there isn’t anything better than a treasure with a story….. This book came with its own story and now I am a part of it’s and it a part of mine.

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