Strong root system

root system

For Little a. and J.

Birthdays make me reflective – whether my own or someone else’s. Once a year I take the time to think about the years before and the years ahead and to calibrate my life against my expectations. Even now, I find there are more things I want to do than ever.

I am blessed to have a strong root system. One that grounded me in right and wrong; good and bad. Like this picture it has been black and white. I think photography has helped me appreciate the grey – the light and the shadow and all the shades in between. Earlier in my life I believed that the destination was the goal – now, with the same certainty, I know it to be the journey.

I was struck recently while watching a movie about how fortunate I am to have a relationship where I didn’t have to compromise on my dreams and was able to pursue pretty much anything I wanted. I did so, based on that strong root system, and without fear, largely because I knew no matter what, I had love.
That has been such a gift and one I wish for you.



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