Breakfast of Champions

Leisurely breakfasts are the best part of weekends. I love sitting and reading WordPress, catching up on emails, snapping some photos, and eating yummy food with big steaming bowls of coffee. Added bonus the number 23 – Michael Jordan’s. I know that seems random and those that know me personally are scratching their heads muttering “really” under their breath. Whenever I see this number I think of CF (no, not Miley Cyrus’ album cover). He was always such a huge fan. We once flew to Chicago to see him and the Bulls play and spend the weekend in the city. Chicago is a great time. There was a restaurant we frequented that was notable for terrific food, great service and turned us unto deep rich chocolate paired with a rich red wine produces this lovely raspberry taste. But the real thrill was watching MJ play. It was remarkably masterful and beautiful. I am impressed by Ashton Kutcher’s statement during the teen choice awards that opportunity looks a lot like work. How many baskets did MJ shoot growing up to be able to hit the mark emphatically every time he went to the net. I will always remember it.


    • Hey there Linda! Love the email address – so perfect. Hope you are well. Next time you are in Dallas (which I hope is soon) we will pop up here for breakfast! xoxo

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