Show me your teeth

It was a totally random experience in a small vintage store in Dallas.  While walking through rooms stacked high with treasures of a bygone era, I happened upon dental molds.  It seems a strange find but I suppose there are people who collect them.  Frankly, nothing much surprises me anymore – these in fact did.  Immediately I was washed in a memory.  Through the years I have done things for money that ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous – ex. museum guide to working as a guinea pig for an independent testing laboratory.  I learned something from each of them.  During my high school years I worked for the town orthodontist.  While I didn’t take the molds, I did fill them with plaster.  Hundreds of them actually.  Each Tuesday and Thursday after school I would change into my “whites” – and head to Dr. Donofrio’s office for 4  hours.  During the time I would do whatever was needed – often times filling the molds with plaster, marking in pencil the name, and putting them on a shelf for his review.  The minute I saw these I remembered her – that teenage version of me – braces and all; the one that makes me think of Little a.  All energy and possibility.  It is an odd blog post, I know, but for me, it was a memory worth savoring for a time gone by and the girl I used to be.

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