It’s not whether you win or lose

There is a diner not far from our home named Mama’s Daughters Diner. A classic since 1958 and renowned for their pies and baked goods. I love this place. It is simple food done really well. But that isn’t why I love it. I have only visited the original site on Irving Boulevard in Dallas Texas. And I have been their twice. My first trip was with KC; my second with CF. Looking around the diner you see all sorts of families each enjoying one another and the positivity that exists within. It is a happy place. Even more so by the simple reminders of all those bits of wisdom one’s mother shares as you grow up.  Things like “It’s not whether you win or lose” which one can faintly see  in this photo in the background.   I commented during my meal with CF that there was not a quote  that appeared at the crown of the ceiling that my mother hadn’t said to me or my brother as we were growing up. It is a classic. So – in the revisionist words of a mother…. “Do as I say – AND as I do….” and visit Mama’s Daughters Diner. Thanks KC for the introduction!   And here is to the part of my family that lives in New Jersey – the diner capital of the world.  I can’t wait to introduce you to Mama’s.

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