We have come a long way since those lazy afternoons on Long Beach Island.  For years CF and I would travel for fourth of July to visit and spend some quality time with my brother’s family. A lot has happened during the years between but I remember those summers fondly and looking back at the photos always makes me smile.

In those intervening years J. became #62.  Seeing him dressed for the game and on the big screen I was impressed by his determination.  In the end, while the outcome for the team was not what we wanted, he played a great game. The experience reminded me of the lesson of teamwork. Always do your best but be prepared and able to separate your performance from that of the team.  It is a lesson with which I often struggle and J.  reconnected me to the lesson. To understand one’s contributions and performance despite the result and to move forward.  After all, there is another game each weekend.

If he can do it…. so can I.


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