Weekend discoveries

I have mentioned before my love of puttering – a word and state I find to be too infrequent.  Simply,  it means  to move or act aimlessly or idly.  It is usually in these moments that I find my mind  open for whatever seems interesting.

This weekend my friend AMS was in town and we have developed a routine of hitting  collectible shops in the design district of Dallas.  She invariably comes away with a haul for her new home, and I, a few objets that interest me enough to shoot.

AMS collects salt and pepper shakers and is a particular fan of those that bear the mark of Japan.  As we strolled through one of our new favorite haunts, I found this lovely miniature teacup and knew there had to be a story – and one that would no doubt help me understand why AMS appreciated the Japan mark. As I turned the teacup over I was intrigued by the mark and the possibilities.  So, I purchased it, and decided to go down the rabbit-hole.  It seems absolutely perfect to think of Alice and Wonderland and her trip down the rabbit- hole and  having tea with the Queen of Hearts.  Anyway, you never know what you might find.

The double A mark of Ardalt A, seems to have been a trademark for tableware, dishes, jars and vases registered by Ardalt, Inc. Corp., 95 Madison AVE., New York and first used in 1945. On some pieces the trademark ‘Lenwile’ occurs which was also registered by the ARDALT Inc., in 1945, for use on figurines and statuettes. Both marks were used on Japanese pieces.   At the end of World War II, Japan, occupied by the Allied Powers, led by the United States with contributions also from the United Kingdom and Australia marked the first time in its history that the island nation had been occupied by a foreign power and began, what appears to be a trend in ceramics known as Occupied Japan China.    This trend lasted from 1945-1952 and now is an entire category on Ebay.

Good find.  And good lesson.  I love when I can learn something new that isn’t related to my daily life.  I now have a keen interest in looking for more and understanding it better for no other reason than my own curiosity.  All in a very good putter indeed.

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