Feeling like I am in Italy

Grand Del Mar, San Diego, California

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy and I am anxiously anticipating a much deserved rest and time away with CEF and very dear friends. Little space for photographing and experiencing is left as my focus is on work – including a conference at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego.   But it is time to change all that and focus on the things that are truly important… and top of that list is CEF.

Rarely are we together in my favorite city, Paris. And so in honor of that, and him, I went through the archives and pulled up some of my favorite spots and photographs from earlier visits.

This trip promises to be spectacular as we tour the Bourgogne region of France on a river barge filled with our dearest friends. I intend to savor each moment, place my focus where it should be, and will share my travels and photographs when I return.

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