Luxembourg Gardens

To my followers… I apologize.

I cannot help myself when it comes to Luxembourg Gardens.

Years ago I was introduced to these gardens by my dear friend RW.   He married the most amazing woman on the planet.  Through her, I got to know him, and through him, I got to know this uniquely special spot.  I cannot visit Paris without stopping in the gardens and I cannot visit the gardens without thinking of him.  It was the perfect gift.

What is funny, is that even when I don’t intend to visit the gardens, I somehow end up there.  It’s as though there is a magnetic pull.

Such was the case on my last Saturday afternoon in Paris.  I had wanted an afternoon walk.  I traversed from the hotel in Le Marais, past Notre Dame and across the river to the St. Germain, down the many winding side streets like Alice in Wonderland following down the rabbit hole.   I stopped to have a Nutella Crepe ( an extravagance ) and stepped  into a few of my favorite shops and to sit for a minute and rest in the peaceful Saint Sulpice with its staggeringly beautiful Lady Chapel and Pigalle’s statue of Mary.   Inspired and refreshed,  and with imminent rain, I decided to head back to the comfort of our hotel (a highly recommended Bourg Tibourg – in what is described as a fashionable and eclectic Le Marais neighborhood…. ).  I digress.

So, I started back.

When suddenly I realized a wrong turn had put the Gardens directly in my path.  Nearly everyone in Paris had either had the same happenstance or purposefully decided to stop and admire the day.  The park overflowed with Parisians basking in the beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Literally, taking time to smell the roses (see yesterday’s post).

There is magic in happenstance.  And as I have written before, part of Paris’ allure is to give yourself completely over to fate and simply enjoy the ride.  In the bandstand a string quartet celebrated the music of Beethoven.  It was spellbinding.

And so, to my followers, I apologize.

I will always write about the beauty and enchantment of Luxembourg Gardens.



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