Looking for Love

Suddenly we were back in Paris.  Our quaint and charming hotel seemed the perfect respite for the gathering clouds but I am too much a Francophile to miss an opportunity to walk the streets.  So it was, that I left CF to enjoy the comfort of the lovely Bourg Ti Bourg as I set out for the left bank and to search for a shop that had been recommended.  My walk began with the encounter of yet another bridge filled with testimonials of love.  While I didn’t find the shop I was looking for, I happened upon the lovely Kamille filled with all my favorite goodies like Rosa Maria jewelry, divine black and navy vestments (my favorite color combo of late) and some pretty amazing leather handbags – of which I had to select one.    The shop was filled that day with the entire family and I thought to myself how divine an existence that must be – to do what you love with those you love.  And so I set about, camera in hand, to see what the rest of the afternoon had in store for me.

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