And on the last night, it was just us.  Me and CF and dinner at Alain Ducasse’s traditional  Benoit.  Open since 1912 it is the genuine article.  We shared a lovely aperitif, delicious slabs of Foie Gras, and heaping portions of pork.  It was the official end to our food and wine tour de force of France.  So delicious and so worth the walk.

Three of the tables in the side dining room sat Americans.  All of us returning to a city that held memories from years ago.  it was a lovely moment to share.  One couple was celebrating their anniversary.  A mother and daughter were sharing what likely is their last trip together to the city.  And CF and I enjoying them and counting our blessings.

I take for granted how fortunate I am that I get to go to travel to Paris each year but I believe there is no one that relishes the experience every time as I do.  Paris is a touchstone to me.

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