Street Art

I am a fan of the 1980’s street culture that  took urban social issues and put a pop spin on it…  folks like Keith Haring, Steven Sprouse, Andy Warhol – and of course Marc Jacobs who reverentially used the art in a personal and accessible way.  I don’t know why, but I stop to admire what was loosely termed graffiti when I happen upon it. For me, the photo of the desk and the chair reflect the intentional and purposeful act of creation.   I like the rawness of it.  I am curious of the message and of the person that was compelled to express it.  These two examples could not be further from each other – one around the corner in an industrial neighborhood not far from my home.  The other in Paris directly behind Notre Dame.  Yet, they, like most of us, have more in common than they do different.  Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could all focus on what we have in common?  Wouldn’t the world be better for it?

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