Sunday in London

On a Sunday not too long ago, I found myself wandering around looking for a comfortable spot to catch up. The prerequisites were simple – familiar, relaxing, good strong coffee and tea, a power source, wifi, and most importantly patience. There was a significant amount of catching up to do. I found just the place at Le Pain Quotidien in Kensington. I arrived a close second to one other early riser, found a corner where I could take in all the comings and goings (including two of my friends and coworkers) and I didn’t leave until 2:30. As I said – a requirement was patience. And as reward, there were three delicious breakfasts, 6 steaming lattes, 3 large orange juices, a pot of tea and a yummy pecan sweet.

What strikes me is that in my effort to reduce my footprint I now carry more devices. This was something that struck us as amusing as we sat there noodling through the carryover from the week past and readying for the week to come. A simple notebook has been replaced with a laptop, an iPad and iPhone.  Mac Sparky Field Guides are the best for figuring out how to live paperless.  And Evernote is the go to source for all my note taking on all my devices. It is just perfect for keeping track of my every thought and syncs with all my devices.  Now, it feels totally natural to capture notes digitally and while not – by any means – a digital native – I take great pride in how I have accomplished this.  It has been a great challenge and has contributed to me being more relevant and relatable to Little a. and J.  CF is like a family tech center helping my Mom who, I confess, has adopted this easier and later in life than one would have ever expected.  It just proves, it is never too late to try new things.   Most importantly, to me, living paperless has taught me that the only thing between me and learning new things… is me, a lesson that it is not too late for anyone to learn.

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