Playing on the Golf Course

We don’t have many hills in Dallas, however, a short walk from our house is the perfect hill for sliding and ice makes for great sliding.  I say “sliding” because the activity on the hill ranges from plastic trays and cardboard to these fancier ones.  Gone are the Flexible Flyers that I used – and good thing as they would no doubt harm this lovely golf course.   A golf course that brings me such joy through all the seasons for its manicured fairways, beautiful grounds, and the happy golfers that frequent it during the warmer months.  When I shot this photo I couldn’t help but remember my brother and I doing the same thing in Newark, Delaware.  We had a favorite spot behind the homes where a hill like this one bottomed out into the creek.  We would stand guard to stop anyone going too fast on the outside chance they would end up in the water.  The punchline?  I did in fact end up in the water and it was courtesy of my brother who purposely stepped aside as I got air and landed in the drink.  It is one of my favorite childhood memories of a brother and sister being exactly that… a brother and sister.  It makes me smile today….  not so much then as I, weighted down by wet clothes, trudged home to tell Mom.


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