Settling in for a long winter’s nap

Or so it seems. I arrived in California Friday night after the hustle and bustle of the last day of work before the holidays. It was all I could do to fall into bed and fast asleep. I awoke with all my senses alive. The soft glow of the sun as it peaks up over the hill behind our house cast a rose hue to the room. Snuggled beneath layers of white linen I felt the cool ocean breezes and smelled the fresh sea air. And I heard the distant mandate from Zellie announcing that it was time to wake up and pay attention to her.

The day was filled with anticipation as the first days of holiday are. We set about our course after a languorous morning to have lunch at one of our favorite spots. It was filled with conversation, laughter and promise for the days and years ahead. It was the perfect start to what will be 10 days of simply doing what we love, enjoying one another and sharing with friends the blessings that are ours.

I love our Mid-century Christmas’ but there is nothing quite like the purity of a “White Christmas” enjoyed in California. And so we began toasting the holiday and decorating our home here. Music played, silliness ensued and before you could say “St. Nick” we were enjoying a dance off/photo shoot courtesy of the perfect Christmas ornaments sent to us by my Mom and Dad. All done, under the watchful eye of Miss Zellie – who never ever let’s things get too out of control.


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