Goat Herding

When we first moved to Laguna, on a random walk in the park above our house, we were stunned to find a herd of goats.  They were all sizes and shapes and were eating the underbrush on the hillside – a protective measure against fire.  And while all very practical and necessary, it was the simple fun of watching them.  One of my Christmas presents has been the hillside in front of our house peppered with them for the last few days.  It has been a delight to get my coffee and stand in the kitchen window , looking and listening.  Yes, listening.   Goat “chatter” is endearing as they make their way down the hillside like sweet little locusts – eating everything in their sight.  They will clear the hillside and just as swiftly as they arrived they will disappear.  Like Magic.    My friend PD and I were giggling about how cool it would be to list your profession as Goat Herder.    As I think of 2014 and new aspirations I might just have to add Goat Herder to the bucket list.


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